At TRANQUILI-TEA TEA TRAINING I believe in renewing mind body and spirit. 

I offer tea Sommelier training.

I am a Tea Master and  Trainer.

I also offer many specialty tea parties.

Children's tea and etiquette.

​Adult tea tasting and training.

Culinary tea and food pairing.

​Tea Tasting Events.

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I have  my  Doctor of Philosophy, specializing in Holistic Life Coaching. 

I offer Life Coaching sessions.

As a Reiki Master with a Bachelors in Metaphysical Science,

I  also  offers Reiki and Meditation sessions.

why choose us

Tea has been part of my  life as long as I can remember. As a Tea Master with  extensive  experience in the preparation,, serving, and understanding of the unique properties of the many types of tea. I  often compare  tea with the subtle nuances we attribute to wine. 

After years of serving tea guests, including Royalty in prestigious Disney Orlando  Resorts and Tea Rooms, I have  seen an interest in tea and its various qualities blossom. 

I am  now dedicating my  efforts toward enabling others to understand the wonders and varied qualities of tea and helping them to spread the good word.

Patricias education:

Certified Tea Master with International Tea Masters Association

Certified in Tea and Etiquette by Dorothea Johnson

Ph.D., from University of Sedona Doctor of Philosophy specializing in Holistic Life Coaching

Reiki Master 

A few words about us

Patricia Armour

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Tea Master